ZONE Cluster Accelerator programme



We will continue our Accelerator programme, which has been running successfully since 2020, in a consortium. With the support of the EIT Urban Mobility, the consortium members will develop a six-month accelerator programme for seed and early-stage start-ups that are looking for solutions to urban mobility challenges. Compared to previous years, the programme has changed dynamically and we now accelerate start-ups by thematic areas. The EIT Urban Mobility Energy and Public Realm Accelerator provides support for innovative mobility solutions, focusing on creating a better public space and improving the wellbeing of residents by addressing energy- and mobility-related aspects. These two topics are interlinked, and many early-stage startups contributing to Public Realm come also from the areas of Energy and Mobility. The six-months programme is available for startups from across Europe, who receive the below benefits:

- Travel voucher of 2.500€ per team
- Participation at internal and high-level start-up events such as SpinLab Kick-off event (Leipzig, Germany), Disraptors Startup Summit (Prague, Czechia), Tomorrow.Mobility (Barcelona, Spain), and Startup Bootcamp (Budapest, Hungary) among others
- Individual coaching and mentoring by industry experts and experienced founders
- Expert webinars and workshops
- Up to 25.000€ worth of support services provided by programme partners
- Increased visibility via pitching events and programme partners networks, EIT Urban Mobility portfolio, and social media communications
- Access to investors via VC networking and pitches
- Access to EIT Urban Mobility investment initiatives and funding instruments

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Lead partner of the Accelerator programme:

  • ZONE Cluster

Other partners:

Academia and accelerators:

  • E-Accelerator, z.u. – PowerHUB Accelerator
  • SpinLab - The HHL Accelerator