Our Cluster visits Helmond Automotive Campus

The aim of the two-day study tour was to acquaint the members of the cluster with the initiatives and projects of one of the most creative and innovative centres in the Netherlands in the field of networked and automated transport.

In addition to getting to know the local innovation efforts and strategies, the members of the Connected and Automated Mobility Cluster of Zala also had the opportunity to explore possible future cooperation opportunities between Hungarian and Dutch organizations. During the study tour, the participants could get acquainted with the activities of startups and other organizations and institutions, such as:

  • TASS International,
  • Eindhoven University of Technology,
  • V-tron
  • Altran
  • AutomotiveNL
  • Innovatiecentrale
  • Automotive Campus

The study visit focused on several areas of particular importance to the participants:

  • Networked transport (5G, IoT);
  • Drones, aviation;
  • Network connection / self-guided E-buses (public transport);
  • Big Data, cybersecurity;
  • Smart City (e.g. City Management & IoT Platform).

After the two-day meeting, the participants got acquainted with the activities, strategy and focuses of the host and guest organizations, as well as identified possible future areas of cooperation and project opportunities.