Exploring new horizonts at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona

On 19 November EIT Urban Mobility celebrated its Inauguration Event at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. The event represented the official start of this EIT Innovation Community, which aims to facilitate and fund the collaboration of cities, companies, knowledge and research institutes to create mobility solutions that will accelerate the transition towards more livable urban spaces. During the conference introducing the EIT Urban Mobility initiative our cluster logo was projected behind the Mayors of the city of Milan and Barcelona.
Subsequently, the celebration of the official inauguration took place, with approximately 150 participants. Inspiring opening speeches were given by the CEO of EIT Urban Mobility, the Rector of UPC, the Head of the European Commission representation in Barcelona, and the EIT Head of Communications and Stakeholder Relations. This was followed by an interactive panel discussion with high-level speakers representing the EIT Urban Mobility community, from universities, knowledge institutes, cities and industry. The Inauguration Event marked a significant milestone for our partnership, representing the start of our activities to educate and inspire mobility solutions for 21st-century cities.