Matchmaking and finalizing the 2021 EIT Urban Mobility project consortias

As part of the preparations for the EIT Urban Mobility 2021 projects, our cluster participated in the EIT Urban Mobility Matchmaking event, continuing the work what started in Ludwigsburg. At this event, the project ideas which started at the end of 2019 were discussed with new partners and institutions, bearing in mind the major challenges of urban mobility within and outside Europe.
The 2-days event will consisted of different kinds of meetings and working sessions (some only open for EIT Urban Mobility partners), as well as networking opportunities.

There were two matchmaking sessions consisting of two times 2,5-hour sessions set up in a format to stimulate the exchange of ideas, develop consortia and set the first steps for the preparation of project proposals for projects to be executed in 2021.

During the event, our cluster formed collaborations that fit the needs of its members.