ZONE Cluster Joint Forces with a Top European Startup Accelerator

According to a recent study by the Financial Times, our accelerator partner, the German Spinlab, has been selected as one of Europe’s 15 most significant startup accelerators. The Leipzig based Spinlab joined the consortium led by ZONE Cluster in the successful Energy and Public Realm Accelerator Program which started in 2020. With the support of EIT Urban Mobility, the project runs a six-month accelerator program for “seed” and “early-stage” startups seeking solutions to urban mobility challenges.

Compared to previous years, the program has dynamically evolved, now accelerating startups according to thematic areas. Thus, ZONE Cluster has emerged as a prominent organization at the European level – responsible for accelerating startups in the energy and ‘public realm’ themes across Europe. The selected startups had the opportunity to participate in local accelerators at various European locations, engage in networking and mentoring, and take part in study visits within the program. Additionally, they were able to test their mobility innovations in urban environments (such as in cities participating in the City Club), and were prepared for further investments.

Among the participants of the Accelerator program were companies like Met3r, which enhances the efficiency of energy companies with intelligent energy innovations, RoboGaze, which develops unique, life-saving driver assistance solutions based on driver camera monitoring, and BLOCK, which develops smart bicycle storage solutions. Hiventures played a significant role in the scale up of all three ventures.

The leading partner of the Accelerator program was ZONE Cluster, with additional partners including SpinLab (The HHL Accelerator), E-Accelerator, z.u., and the Czech PowerHUB Accelerator.

The Financial Times’ mentioned list is dominated by mostly German and UK-based startup hubs. Alongside Western European accelerators, a few Southern European (Spanish, Portuguese) and one Romanian hub made it to the top 15. However, according to the FT’s ranking, no accelerator from Hungary made it to the top 125 most significant European hubs.