ZONE Cluster joins prestigious European organisations

ZONE Cluster joins prestigious European organisations


We are pleased to announce that ZONE Cluster has recently joined the Automotive Skills Alliance (ASA) and the European Automotive Cluster Network (EACN).

About EACN

The European Automotive Cluster Network (EACN) is an organisation based on the cooperation of European automotive clusters. Its mission is to support its members in achieving cluster excellence through joint actions, innovative projects, and services. As a European project, EACN promotes cluster cooperation through a common strategy, aiming to enhance the competitiveness of its members—particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)—by sharing knowledge and best practices, as well as facilitating consortium collaborations for joint research projects and R&D investments.


Joining EACN offers ZONE Cluster an excellent opportunity to engage in various innovative projects in the field of new mobility, in line with our own mission and objectives. We are confident that we can participate in numerous pioneering initiatives, helping to address the challenges of the domestic automotive transformation.


Together for the Automotive labour transition – New opportunities in the ASA and the Every1 project

In recent years, both the vehicle and component manufacturing segments have undergone rapid changes. The operation of automotive supply chains is primarily influenced by tighter climate policy regulations and digitalisation trends. Alongside rapid technological change, ensuring the sector’s competitiveness is paramount. The industry faces significant challenges, particularly in creating and retaining a skilled workforce. One of our cluster’s key tasks is to support domestic automotive players in green and digital transformation and the increasingly urgent workforce transformation associated with it. To aid in establishing an appropriate workforce base, we are developing complex, innovative training programs that can effectively respond to these challenges and help employees and employers adapt.

In connection with the above field, we participate in numerous international cooperation initiatives and continuously seek opportunities for collaboration in creating joint training programs and developing innovative curricula for the automotive industry. Recently, we joined the Every1 project, implemented within a broad European consortium, aiming to develop targeted training programs to support energy and digital transformation.

One of the most important European organisations focusing on the further and retraining of automotive professionals, the Automotive Skills Alliance (ASA), has also accepted our membership application. ASA’s mission is to support the automotive sector in overcoming the challenges of green and digital transition. It participates in numerous innovative projects and initiatives as an umbrella organisation, promoting the development of the automotive-mobility ecosystem. We plan to collaborate with many professional partners within ASA to achieve our cluster’s key objectives.