The purpose is to close the knowledge gap between academy and business creation, providing key competences on entrepreneurship, innovation and mobility to potential entrepreneurs, professionals and citizens interested in the topics of EIT Urban Mobility. Through high-quality audio-visual materials focused on real experiences from the most cutting-edge startups, corporates, industry players and cities, disseminated through an online platform (MooC) that serves to democratize the knowledge, we foster a digital community of people with diverse profiles and backgrounds with the purpose of expanding EIT Urban Mobility’s influence and community. Besides, these real experiences have the purpose of inspiring and transferring entrepreneurial spirit and attitudes as well as key competence on business models, strategies, mobility innovation and so on to potential entrepreneurs and targeted audiences, animating the business creation process of the EIT Urban Mobility. In other words, we educate and provide key competence to the next generation of entrepreneurs that will feed the acceleration and scale-up (Business Creation call area) process. Furthermore, the activity has the purpose of attracting talented people who can serve as a source of innovation for the City Club (future trends, ideas, challenges, etc.) and Citizen Engagement call area.


Project Partners:

  • NEXTMOVE (France)
  • CARNET (Spain)
  • MOVEN (Spain)
  • AMB (Spain)

Project website: