EIT UM Accelerator Event in Prague

The EIT Urban Mobility Public Realm Accelerator programme provides support for innovative mobility solutions, focusing on creating a better public space and improving the wellbeing of residents by addressing energy- and mobility-related aspects.
From 2022, Zone Cluster runs the Public Realm and Energy and Mobility Accelerator with SpinLab (Leipzig, Germany) and PowerHub (Prague, Czech Republic).


The Accelerator programme had its second face-to-face event on the 10th and 11th of October in Prague, Czech Republic. As part of the event, the startups received a half day training regarding their pitching skills and business model. It was a great opportunity for the startups to pitch in front of like minded people and investors. On Monday evening we shared great laughs and expertise meanwhile networking.

This was followed by their participation in the Disraptor Startup Summit, where the startups had the chance to pitch in front of the audience of the Conference. Hidas, a finnish startup, accelerated by our EIT Urban Mobility Energy and Public Realm Accelerator  finished in the finals of the Disraptor pitch competition which is a great honour for us!